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Mentoring for the Modern Musician Podcast with Ralph Jaccodine

Mentoring for the Modern Musician Podcast with Ralph Jaccodine

#3 Management w/ Ralph Jaccodine

The Mentoring for the Modern Musician podcast, often featuring interviews with industry insiders who would never take your call, is designed to help cut the learning curve for musicians in and ever-changing music industry. Through in-depth topical discussions, the Scharff Brothers look to help musicians cultivate the skills necessary to forge a career as a creative artist. Pioneers in Virtual Artist Development, the Brothers steer each interview and conversation in an entertaining, informative, upbeat and completely original direction. In an ever-changing music industry, up to date and often cutting-edge information can make all the difference in a successful career. As the boys will tell you “You got this…We got your back.”

The Scharff Brothers guest on Mentoring for the Modern Musician in this episode is Ralph Jaccodine, Founder of Ralph Jaccodine Management and co-founder of Black Wolf Records. Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music, Music Business/Management Department. Beginning with a young artist named Ellis Paul, then quickly followed by powerhouse performer Martin Sexton Ralph has, over his 25-year career, managed numerous brilliant artists. The list includes: Livingston Taylor, Shun Ng, The Push Stars, Flynn, Antje Duvekot, The Adam Ezra Group, and many more! We were thrilled to be able to spend some time picking his uniquely insightful brain!