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Get Informed... It's part of the Secret

Get Informed It039s part of the Secret

David Herlihy of O Positive, Ellis Paul & Ralph Jaccodine on a recent panel

I just completed a weekend speaking at Berklee College of Music's "Business of Music Weekend".

Don Gorder, the chair of the Music Business department, asked me to speak about my take of this business of music through my lens of 20+ years of managing artists.

The participants came from all over the globe, hungry, eager and smart. They all had questions, and after the sessions they needed and wanted more information, and we were always running out of time... but isn't that the case.

A big part of my job as a manager and business owner is staying informed - this is hard because there is so much material to sift through. Every day, 24/7 there is news, stories, blogs and clutter that needs to be sifted through. After years of doing the sifting, I think part of teaching the business to others is to relate how important it is to stay informed.. daily.

What I did promise my students was a follow up with a listing of some of the main sources I rely on for music/entertainment/media news.

I rely on the following daily news feeds, blogs:

Bob Lefsetz Lefsetz.com

Hypebot Hypebot.com

Seth Godin SethGodin.com

Jason Hirschhorn's Media ReDEFined

Digital Music News DigitalMusicNews.com

SXSW Daily News SxSW.com

In addition, I also rely on these daily newspapers... old school:
NY Times, Wall St Journal & Boston Globe

(Get informed, it is part of the secret....)